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  1 Jun 2014
New website launched

25 January 2012
New members of our medical team welcomed. See details in staff page

1 May 2011
New partnerships with DMS and Wadi el Nil healthcare insurance announced

1 July 2010
Major wesbite updates and Arabic version launched

6 June 2010
New full range of EEG services launced
10 January 2010
Sleep Care Clinic launches its range of home sleep testing services

  19 August 2009
New Ramadan working hours are 10 am - 3 pm

  15 August 2009
Visit the new resources section for downloads, instructions and videos

  01 August 2009
Sleep care clinic acquires a new state-of-the art diagnostic sleep system with fully integrated sleep apnea management system

Do you...
snore? struggle to stay awake?
stop breathing while asleep?
struggle to fall asleep?

more energy?
restful sleep?
less risk of heart disease, stroke,  hypertension and diabetes?

Sleep Care Clinic can help you...

We provide proven treatments that allow you to experience the good night's sleep you deserve - and your body needs.

Through expert diagnosis and treatment, we aid people with all sorts of sleep disorders who may have difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep or those having difficulty staying awake during the day.

Sleep Care Clinic uses state-of-the art equipment for its sleep studies, allowing a confident diagnosis of all sleep related disorders.

Sleep is very essential to physical and mental well being. It is a restorative process that allows a person to be healthy and productive.

Sleep problems are extremely common and are frequently overlooked, with millions suffering from problems that deprive them of necessary rest.

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