Snoring and Sleep Apnea Screening

Snoring is a huge problem for patients and their partner, but what is really important is to find out if it is also associated with sleep apnea (repeated pauses and difficult breathing during sleep).

Many snorers have sleep apnea but it is undiscovered. It results in poor sleep quality, weight gain, rising blood pressure and heart disease.

We now offer two simple ways of testing for sleep apnea at home.

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This lightweight portable device is worn as shown in the picture. A doctor visits you at home to show you how to put it on and use it. The next day you return it to the clinic to get your record analyzed.

This test is an excellent way to know if you have sleep apnea and need further testing and treatment.

Sleep Apnea Strip

The Sleep Apnea strip is an electronic sensor used to diagnose sleep apnea.
It is disposable (single use) so you don't need to send it back for analysis. You just let us know of the result that appears on the device in the morning and we'll let you know immediately if you need further help or not.

Insomnia and circadian sleep problems


Using NASA technology, the actigraphy system can diagnose a wide range of sleep problems.
It is worn on your wrist just like a watch and you keep it for at least one week. When you bring it back, the data for the whole week will be downloaded to the computer giving us a very detailed report of your sleep problem.

Portable full sleep study (Polysomnography)
Polysomnography is used in diagnosing and treating many sleep disorders, including neurologic disorders, movement disorders and importantly in the diagnosis of breathing disorders at night (sleep apnea).

Sleep Care Clinic now offers full polysomnography in the comfort of your home. Our doctors and technicians will visit you to install the equipment and then leave it to record your sleep overnight. In the morning, the technician will visit you again to remove the equipment.

This service is especially suited to patients who cannot leave home (e.g. immobile patients).

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Need a sleep test but can't sleep outside your bed?

Sleep care clinic now offers a range of diagnostic services that can be done in the comfort of your home.
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