Polysomnography is extremely valuable for:
                 - diagnosing sleep apnea
                 - identifying cause of sleep disorder
                 - identifying cause of interrupted sleep
                 - diagnosis common and rare sleep disorders

It is completely non-invasive and safe.

Sleep Care Clinic is equipped to be a comfortable place in addition to being a scientific facility. Patient rooms have normal beds and equipment is hidden away to make the room feel more natural.

A sleep study records several important physiologic variables during sleep such as brain waves (EEG), heart waves (ECG), air flow from the nose, respiration, snoring, muscle activity, blood oxygen levels. All sleep studies also include infra-red video camera monitoring.

Polysomnography at Sleep Care Clinic is also used to identify the spectrum of sleep disorders in children, including night terrors, nightmares, sleep walking (somnambulism), nocturnal epilepsy, pediatric obstructive sleep apnea and bed wetting (enuresis).

Patient rooms at Sleep Care Clinic have an additional bed for the parent or accompanying person during a sleep study.

CPAP titration
Once diagnosed with obstructive apnea, your doctor may suggest continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. This requires that you spend a night at the clinic where our staff will test the optimum dose of CPAP that suits you during your sleep. For more information on CPAP and sleep apnea, visit our patient resources section.

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